I meant to make a post about this when I started, but I have now been working at Discourse as a Software Engineer for six weeks!

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The best things about working at Discourse are:

  • The team (39 people and growing, largest I have ever worked on) is fully remote and distributed across every continent! (well, except Antarctica)
  • Asynchronous work culture has been the core of the company since its inception. Discourse bleeds asynchronously!
  • The team is full of ridiculously talented people who are generous with their knowledge. Everyone is a stellar written communicator.
  • The codebase is fully open-source and is varied. On any day I can be working on the huge core product, a plugin, a theme component, or contributing to an open-source project Discourse uses.
  • There is a lot of reading and a lot of writing, which is kind of a thing of mine.
  • Everyone is treated like grown-ups, and trusted to do their work on their own schedule.
  • How much more time do you have? I can keep listing things!

I am over the moon with this job and still pinch myself each day when I think about where I work and who I work with. šŸŒŸ

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